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I love Fiverr! I could not believe what we got for $5! It was awesome and we are working on implementing many of the suggestions we received from the review or our website. Mahalo!
Since I'm a tech dinosaur, I'm overwhelmed with this new found knowledge. This is a year of change and technological growth to become more productive in my business. Right off with out opening my folder for reference, I can tell you that DropBox and Mind mapping are tools that I started using immediately and continue to use. With DropBox, I save so much time not having to remember where I file important real estate material and mind mapping is a "no brainer" (no pun intended) since I've learned about it!
Even though I haven't implemented: Technology Tip 52 of 365 I am really excited to try it out and for 3 reason: 1) It will force me to use my smart phone [Droid] more than just calling, testing, taking pictures, and using the productivity apps. 2) I can't wait to send it my my iPhone friends as they think I don't have a phone since it's not make by Apple. 3) I will use this as a substitute with personals messages when I don't have my camcorder handy.

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